For fans of Americana, folk and bluegrass, the Kickin Grass Band has four albums of fresh, original and traditional music appealing to a broad roots music audience.
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Live at The Carolina Theatre
(Audio CD) KG 2012 | Buy Album – $10 on
The Kickin Grass Band: Live At the Carolina Theatre

1 Gasoline Blues
2 Chug a Lug
3 Run Away
4 Thirty One
5 On The Short Rows
6 Molly
7 Left This Town
8 Little Piece of Cornbread
9 Life Is Not a Guarantee
10 The Filling Station
11 Walk With Me
12 Backroads
13 The Morning Train

Live At The Carolina Theatre was recorded at the Kickin Grass Band 10-year anniversary show at the Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC on January 14, 2012. Post-production by Jerry Brown, Jamie Dawson and Andrew Marlin at the Rubber Room, Chapel Hill, NC. Guest appearances during this historic evening included prior band members Kyra Moore (banjo), Matt Hooper (fiddle) and Ben Walters (banjo) and the Apple Chill Cloggers.

Walk With Me
(Audio CD) Superfan Records 2012 | Buy Album – $10 on iTunes or Cd Baby
1 No One Can Live Forever
2 Ghosts in My Head
3 Walk With Me
4 Thirty One
5 Sugar
6 The Filling Station
7 Gum Stump Squirrel
8 King’s Highway
9 Long Ride Home
10 That’s What I Like About the South
11 Blue Railroad Train
12 Roanoke
13 Everything and Everyone

The Raleigh-based Kickin Grass Band is known for their unique bluegrass style—equal parts vintage and nouveau.  On Walk With Me, their newest album on Superfan Records, the group delightfully stretches and builds each song beyond the edges of their firm footing in bluegrass.  By following their muse down complementary paths of  Old-time, Americana and folk, the Kickin Grass Band has created an album that will appeal to a broad roots music audience.

Half of the songs were penned by signature vocalist and main songwriter Lynda Dawson, with assists from newest members fiddle player Pattie Hopkins and banjo player Hank Smith.  The remaining cover songs were chosen to spotlight the personalities of the individual band members, but also to play on their strength as a cohesive unit. Vocals are passed back and forth between Dawson’s soaring lead on five of the tracks, Hopkins’s bluesy sound on two, bass player Patrick Walsh’s ethereal tenor on two, and mandolin player Jamie Dawson’s retro-tinted lead on one, with tasteful harmonic seasoning throughout.  Even with shifts in instrumentation, arrangement, narration and guest players, there remains a distinctive Kickin Grass Band sound that threads the tunes together, creating a colorful, mosaic tapestry of an album, and an expertly-crafted package of rootsy Americana-style bluegrass.

The Kickin Grass Band
(Audio CD) Superfan Records 2008 | Buy Album – $10 on iTunes or CD Baby
The Kickin Grass Band
1 Hometown
2 Cold Frosty Window
3 Chug a Lug
4 Run Away
5 Oldtime Ramble
6 Rambling Man
7 Lay Him in the Ground
8 Gasoline Blues
9 Cherokee Shuffle
10 The Ghost of Nathaniel Carter
11 Time Passes (Anniversary Waltz)

The Kickin Grass Band takes the stage, and suddenly you’re captivated by pure, strong voices telling true-to-life stories spiced with innovative bluegrass instrumentation. You fall in love with the rootsy, Americana style, and can’t wait for more. Fortunately, their third release, simply titled The Kickin Grass Band, displays all the chops, emotion and effusive energy of the band’s live show.

The Kickin Grass Band’s songs – some mournful, some jubilant – reflect the depth and breadth of the human experience. Dave Higgs from Nashville Public Radio raves: “Lynda Dawson is a truly gifted songwriter who writes intelligently crafted lyrics, which she marries to unforgettable melodies.”

On the Short Rows
(Audio CD) 2006 | Buy Album – $10 on iTunes or CD Baby
Kickin Grass: On the Short Rows
1 Lay Down Your Weary Load
2 On the Short Rows
3 Cloverleaf
4 Dear Sarah
5 Change Your Mind
6 Molly
7 Fairest Rose
8 When My Days Are Full of Sorrow
9 Pot Liquor
10 Hello It’s Me
11 Rock Island Line
12 Ain’t Got Nothin’
13 Grandfather’s Clock

Riding the wave of an ear-catching debut release, extensive southeast touring and the addition of a talented new banjo player, The Kickin Grass Band teamed up with Jerry Brown of the Rubber Room in Chapel Hill, NC to produce this delightful sophomore album. Fresh, original songwriting is a hallmark of the band’s unique sound, and On The Short Rows explores the full range, from the tap-your-foot instrumental “Cloverleaf” to the ballad “Ain’t Got Nothin.” With rich vocals, skilled fiddle and a banjo that lives in the perfect space between Scruggs and Fleck, The Kickin Grass Band brings traditional music to the forefront of modern bluegrass and a new generation of music fans.

(Audio CD) 2003 | Buy Album Here – $10

1 Left This Town
2 Life Is Not a Guarantee
3 Backroads
4 Joker’s Wild
5 Sparrow
6 Clinch Mountain Backstep
7 Little Piece of Cornbread
8 Fire On the Mountain
9 Morning Train
10 Black Mountain Rag

Produced by Steve Dilling of IIIrd Tyme Out, Backroads, showcases the band’s outstanding musical ability as well as their strong songwriting and powerful arranging skills.

The original title track has been hitting home in rural and urban communities alike with a chorus that claims, “They’re bringing in the blacktop, selling all the farms, running up the miles and running out of charm. I wonder to myself what we need all this road for if the backroads ain’t the backroads any more.”

In addition to their fresh originals, The Kickin Grass Band tears into a few traditional and off-the-beaten-path covers, making the album a well-rounded whole and a treat for the ears.